Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Lioneld Jordan to announce candidacy for mayor of Fayetteville on March 9, 2008

Why elect Lioneld Jordan mayor of Fayetteville, Arkansas?

Let's discuss it here. Lioneld Jordan is committed to open, participative government, where dissent is the first step toward consensus.
Lioneld loves Fayetteville. He knows that Fayetteville has always been a leading city in Arkansas. He rarely cites other cities or talks about what we are not. He is committed to making Fayetteville the best place it can be.
Lioneld sees all residents of Fayetteville as equal. He listens to the concerns and needs of everyone, never judging people by looks or economic standing but by their actions. He is equally committed to helping the poor and disabled, the working middle class, the wealthy, the student, the single parent, every family, every young professional, every child and every retiree. Lioneld excludes no one.
Lioneld unites our diverse people and institutions. He inspires others to seek to understand one another, even as he seeks to understand all.
Lioneld is honest and forthcoming. He tells the truth even when others may not want to hear the truth. When he learns from another, he embraces the fact that no one was born knowing it all.
Lioneld expects to be accountable, even as he demands that others be accountable. He accepts responsibility for bad decisions and expects others to do the same. He is committed to making things right when something goes wrong.
Lioneld aways listens because he has learned from experience that "EVERYONE KNOWS SOMETHING HE DOESN'T KNOW." He expects to learn something every day!


Beth said...

Hey, you do nice work in the wee hours! I came on earlier and see that you have changed some things since my first visit. So, when do you sleep?

nputjim said...

Aubrey and all --

Looks very functional to me.

It will serve better than the Yahoo group that I had earlier proposed to manage the letters-to-the-editors and "clipping service" archives. We can also work jointly to produce content for the web pages.

I'm assuming that we would restrict this blog use solely to our limited group of Lioneld supporters who meet at Don's place.

If we can agree on the blog next Sunday, I'll start putting up some of the past articles, as well as emails that we have exchanged that pertain to the campaign.

As I understand things, we can set up separate "themes" such as "Letters to the Editor", where everybody can put ideas and suggest complete letters with their comments. Similarly, we can have a theme for Koenig and Walt's campaign stuff.

For example, The Iconoclast post today about the Wednesday Cowbird meeting got a range of comment about Lioneld that we can expect to continue from a wide range of local folks -- pro and con. So, we can begin to develop some strong stock answers to the known zingers that they will try to use to knock Lioneld.

(Aubrey, is there also a way to keep a calendar and schedule for our group that would keep us updated on who's doing what and when? Seems like I've seen that on some blogs. lets get together over the next couple of days and see how we can best upload some stock photos and video footage. Jeff has some suggested some ideas on how we could do that.)