Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bill Moeller endorses Lioneld Jordan for mayor

What you see is what you get

Last night at our monthly Ward 4 meeting I was reminded again of one of the big reasons I am supporting Lioneld Jordan in his campaign for mayor: He believes in informing the people, and he knows how to listen.

During his seven years as alderman, Lioneld has held monthly Ward 4 meetings at City Hall. He brings everyone up to date on business before the City Council, introduces one or more speakers from the city staff or the business community who bring us up to date on project status and proposed projects, and then calls for an open discussion of issues anyone wants to discuss.

He listens. He does not promise to do what we say, but he does promise that we will have our say. More often than not we all (including Lioneld ) reach a consensus which he carries forward to the City Council as our representative. On those occasions where he does not agree, he explains his reasoning clearly and we know exactly where he stands.

There are no surprises. With Lioneld, what you see is what you get. As mayor of Fayetteville he will continue to meet with the people, he will continue to listen, he will continue to tell it like it is, and he will continue to make informed decisions based on all available information.

Please remember in November: Lioneld Jordan — Experience You Can Trust !
William A. Moeller

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