Saturday, March 24, 2012

Lioneld Jordan running for a second term as mayor of Fayetteville

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Flickr set contains 190 photos from Jordan for second term event.

David Whitaker speaks with Mayor Lioneld Jordan after Jordan's inspiring speech announcing his  candidacy for a second term. Whitaker is a former assistant city attorney and is running for Arkansas state representative

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Anonymous said...

Lionald, I was excited to help you in your first election, but I and many others are having doubts about your re-election. Personally I have a problem you and my aldermen refuse to address. After lying to me for months, Fayetteville Engineering indeed gave my upstream neighbor a permit to dam the upper branch of Hamestring Creek allowing the overflow to flood my property and home effectively using my property as the creek. He vsaid he has city connections, and he sure has! FEMA paid for some losses that disappeared in the flood and said to sue the city, as did Washington County and Shelter Insurance- who couldn't sell me flood insurance because I'm not in a flood plain. When I contacted your office, as you know, your secretary LAUGHED at me, saying that was too bad. When I asked you to look into this, as I didn't want to make waves but get results, Sarah Reed at Engineering said it was too bad, the city was not going to do anything to help, the illegal permit was permanent and she too was sorry we didn't get the result we were looking for, that our house not be flooded by the city. I will not give in to city hall. I have filed a complaint with the attourney general and intend to find someone to help. If this is the city I get under you I want another mayor. I have tried to keep this quiet but am losing my house because FEMA says we should move and it will take atleast $30,000 to rip the foundation and floors out to stop the black mold appearing now in my house. My crawl space is still flooded, causing the foundation to collapse. Will you help or must I go further? You and your adminisration have done everything you could for my connected neighbor but nothing for me, a little guy with no city connections. Is this your vision for Fayetteville? Can ANYONE help me? Lawyers want $20,000 up front with no certainty of getting an impartial judge and the resources of city hall to fight. I believed in you. Do you believe in me and the little guys? Dave Grothaus 1540 N. Stephens Ave Fayetteville 521-5144