Sunday, November 23, 2008

Praton Young finds Lioneld Jordan the best pick for mayor of Fayetteville

Jordan concerns “ baseless ”
I am ashamed of my hometown newspaper. I have never seen such a poorly written editorial [endorsing Dan Coody for mayor ]. Your inference that [Lioneld ] Jordan would be a more liberal mayor than Coody, and that Coody represents a larger portion of the people, is ridiculous. Coody has spent millions on his “ pet” projects that have benefited only a small percentage of Fayetteville’s citizens. Your accusation that Jordan wants to hold town hall-style meetings so that people can tell him what to do is insulting. When you say people will not want to attend these meetings, nothing could be further from the truth. The people that Jordan represents love to participate in the Ward meetings that he holds regularly, and people from other wards often attend. They provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where people feel free to express their concerns and ask questions, quite unlike the City Council meetings where Mayor Coody has been rude and condescending to the public and aldermen alike. Your implication that under Jordan the extreme fringe will have a more active role in dictating Fayetteville’s direction is baseless. You are just instilling fear. These are tactics much like those used by the candidate you support. What I would like from my newspaper are answers to the following questions based on facts: (1 ) How did Coody get by with spending almost $ 1 million renovating the Square garden without approval of the City Council ? (2 ) What are Coody’s successful projects and how much revenue have they brought to the city ? (3 ) How much money has he spent on his travels and have the benefits offset the costs ? (4 ) How did the contract for the SouthPass project get executed over the objections of so many ? (5 ) I would like an accounting for taxpayer’s money given to the [Advertising and Promotion ] Commission. Why were they allowed to purchase a building for a little more than $ 1 million to promote tourism in Fayetteville when there are greater needs that are not being met ? (6 ) Why can’t we do more for the children in our town ? There are excellent agencies that do a wonderful job, but are in need of more money.

Praton Young

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