Sunday, October 26, 2008

Business man supports Lioneld Jordan for mayor

Give a friend the chance he deserves

I am writing today in complete support of Lioneld Jordan for mayor. I decided to support Lioneld and work for his campaign because he is the change we need in the mayor's office in Fayetteville. I am a management consultant with a business perspective. My job is to help companies avoid union organization and representation of their workforce. Lioneld is a union member who sees things from an employee's point of view, and he was a leader when his union fought to save and protect the jobs of physical plant workers at the University of Arkansas. You can't get much different than that. Yet during our time serving on the Fayetteville City Council together, Lioneld and I became great friends. That didn't just happen. We built a trusting relationship - one which has lasted beyond our years together on the City Council. Ironically, now Lioneld is in management at the UA, and I am his campaign manager. Lioneld can be trusted. He doesn't tell you one thing, then do another. What he tells you he will do, he does. He listens ! I have been able to persuade him on business issues because he realizes that people with opinions differing from his own have things to contribute to the conversation. He speaks with conviction and is able to influence those of us who are sometimes on the other side. It is the ability of elected officials to convince others; to understand and support their constituent's wishes and to explain to their constituents when they need to change their point of view which truly gives the elected official power and respect. Lioneld is factual, and doesn't make issues personal. Just because you happen to disagree with him (and Lord knows we have at times ), his respect for the other person and his ability to walk out with them together after deciding tough issues is something he has always demonstrated. In Fayetteville we have widely divergent opinions of what is best, and we need someone like Lioneld who will bring everyone to the table, work to find consensus, make a decision and then move us forward. I respect him so much. You'll hear some of his opponents say why he shouldn't be mayor, but I think Lioneld is one of the most caring people I know, truly interested in helping the city and all of the citizens. I hope you will support and vote for Lioneld Jordan as our next mayor. I know I will !
Don Marr

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