Sunday, October 19, 2008

Margaret Hunt says Jordan best choice possible

Lioneld Jordan is the best choice possible.
My family has been involved in the life of this city for more than 100 years, beginning with grandparents who arrived in a wagon from the plains of Kansas following the dust bowls. I was born and raised here, married my high-school sweetheart, and returned after college to raise a family and pursue vocational opportunities.
We have witnessed much growth and change in our city and have enthusiastically supported most of it. We returned to Fayetteville to retire and care for elderly parents in 1998 and supported a change in the office of mayor in 2000.
We supported Lioneld Jordan for alderman in the ward where we were living at the time on the advice of a friend. It was great advice!
Fayetteville has made some great advances in the past eight years, as well as some colossal blunders (think budget over runs ) under the leadership of our present mayor. But should we think that no one else can "keep a good thing going"except this mayor? I think not.
I do not want to settle for mediocrity. I choose instead to push beyond that and work for "excellence in all things for Fayetteville," but with integrity and fiscal responsibility.
I grew up during the end of the Great Depression and learned firsthand how to live within our means.
I was taught to treat all people in my life with courtesy and respect.
I was taught to work hard and to enjoy my work.
I was taught to respect my elders.
I was taught to accept responsibility for all my actions and not to blame others.
These are the qualities we expect in the leader of our city.
We find these qualities in Lioneld Jordan.
Lioneld was elected to the city council the same year our current mayor was elected and has been in the legislative branch of our city government with responsibility for voting on issues that have produced all the wonderful improvements that the mayor is claiming as his products.
Lioneld has chaired major committees and hammered out proposals that were forwarded to the council for their vote.
The mayor is responsible for doing the work after the council has legislated.
The job of governing the city is the responsibility of the mayor AND eight aldermen - not one man claiming honors.
In these economically challenging times, I want a mayor who will be fiscally responsible, who will treat all citizens with respect, who will accept responsibility for his actions, who loves Fayetteville, who has endless energy for the work, and who will promote Fayetteville and not himself.
Please vote for Lioneld Jordan for mayor of Fayetteville on Nov. 4. Thank you.
Margaret J. Hunt
EARLY voting begins tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

why does jordan insist he has experience that we should trust? should we blindly trust him because he says he has it? it matters to members of the voting public to see what ordinances he has proposed.

he has been on the council for a long time. if indeed his meetings in ward 4 were productive then we should see some quality ordinances being passed. the city might not even be in a dire situation if some ordinances were passed.

it is great to sit around and talk all day, but nothing beats real action (proposing and passing ordinances).

his voting record seems rather mixed: this year alone he voted for atleast two expensive and worthless coody consultants (rw beck for trash and eva klein for econ development) and back in the day he voted to approve south pass.

this voting record makes the lack of any proposed ordinances important.

so for all the "experience" on city council and all the meetings in ward 4, where are the results (ordinances)? did alderman jordan not get any fresh ideas to help our city in all these meetings?