Saturday, October 18, 2008

Jordan effective leader

Lioneld's honesty gets my vote
With the mayoral debates rerunning on television, it seems the sewer plant just won't go away. Critics of the mayor continue to complain about a $ 60 million overrun and three-year delay in project completion, and the mayor continues to blame someone else and events beyond his control.
In blaming the delay on the consultant initially hired to manage the project and the overrun on rapidly increasing construction costs early in the project, the mayor glosses over the fact that it was his administration's failure to properly monitor the consultant's performance that led to the delay, which in turn caused the project to slip into a period of rapidly rising construction costs.
Contrast this with the refreshing candor of Lioneld Jordan's public statement about the hole in the ground on College Avenue: "I made a mistake when I voted for that. I won't make that mistake again."
I come from a corporate culture where a man is not judged by whether he makes mistakes, but by how he behaves after he makes them. Lioneld would do well in that culture, just as I know he will do well as our next mayor. Please remember when you go to the polls: Lioneld Jordan - Experience You Can Trust ! 
William A. Moeller

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Anonymous said...

why does jordan insist he has experience that we should trust? should we blindly trust him because he says he has it? it matters to members of the voting public to see what ordinances he has proposed.

he has been on the council for a long time. if indeed his meetings in ward 4 were productive then we should see some quality ordinances being passed. the city might not even be in a dire situation if some ordinances were passed.

it is great to sit around and talk all day, but nothing beats real action (proposing and passing ordinances).

his voting record seems rather mixed: this year alone he voted for atleast two expensive and worthless coody consultants (rw beck for trash and eva klein for econ development) and back in the day he voted to approve south pass.

this voting record makes the lack of any proposed ordinances important.

so for all the "experience" on city council and all the meetings in ward 4, where are the results (ordinances)? did alderman jordan not get any fresh ideas to help our city in all these meetings?