Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nancy Allen says Lioneld Jordan is Fayetteville's best bet

Lioneld Jordan is Fayetteville's best bet.
As you evaluate the candidates for mayor of Fayetteville, please consider:
Who has never missed a single meeting in his eight years on the City Council? Lioneld Jordan.
Who serves as vice mayor and actually ran the 2008 budget meetings when the mayor was out of the country? Lioneld Jordan.
Who will reduce wasteful expenses and present a balanced budget? Lioneld Jordan.
Who chairs the street committee? Lioneld Jordan.
Who has had a ward meeting each month, has been on the council to keep his constituents informed and to hear their concerns? Lioneld Jordan.
Who always takes time to listen? Lioneld Jordan.
Who is a man who cares about all the citizens ? Lioneld Jordan.
Who will see to it that our poor and elderly are not forgotten? Lioneld Jordan.
Who has an excellent voting record for parks, trails and green space? Lioneld Jordan. Who has championed the Fayetteville Public Library? Lioneld Jordan.
Who will have, and implement, an economic development plan to recruit green jobs that pay a living wage? Lioneld Jordan.
Who will work for an affordable housing that is not set apart to become tomorrow's slums? Lioneld Jordan.
Who is a proven supporter of the arts? Lioneld Jordan.
Who does the right and ethical thing even if it is less popular? Lioneld Jordan.
Who is accountable and does not pass the buck? Lioneld Jordan.
Who has experience you can trust? Lioneld Jordan.
When I think of Lioneld Jordan, the first thought that comes to mind is "passion for Fayetteville." He lives and breathes our beloved city. Please join me in voting for my friend Lioneld Jordan for mayor on Nov. 4. One can vote early starting October 20.
Nancy Allen
Ward 2 Alderman

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Anonymous said...

why does jordan insist he has experience that we should trust? should we blindly trust him because he says he has it? it matters to members of the voting public to see what ordinances he has proposed.

he has been on the council for a long time. if indeed his meetings in ward 4 were productive then we should see some quality ordinances being passed. the city might not even be in a dire situation if some ordinances were passed.

it is great to sit around and talk all day, but nothing beats real action (proposing and passing ordinances).

his voting record seems rather mixed: this year alone he voted for atleast two expensive and worthless coody consultants (rw beck for trash and eva klein for econ development) and back in the day he voted to approve south pass.

this voting record makes the lack of any proposed ordinances important.

so for all the "experience" on city council and all the meetings in ward 4, where are the results (ordinances)? did alderman jordan not get any fresh ideas to help our city in all these meetings?