Friday, October 17, 2008

William Flanagan letter in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette supports Lioneld Jordan for mayor

Candidate will serve all

I first met Lioneld Jordan at a union meeting on the University of Arkansas Fayetteville campus, where he played an important role in revitalizing the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees chapter. What struck me about Lioneld as a union leader and later as a city council member was the way he listened to the concerns and ideas of his constituents and then planned and worked to answer those concerns and to make those ideas reality.

He is a leader who pays close attention to the details while seeing the big picture. As a union leader, he understood that making the university a better place for the workers would make it a better place for students, faculty and all staff. He took that same approach to his position on the city council. He listened and responded to his constituents while keeping the needs of the whole city in mind. Lioneld also shares two of my priorities for Fayetteville's future. He is dedicated to developing a green economy for our area to sustain our environment and make Fayetteville livable for all. As an artist, I particularly appreciate his support for a cultural arts district and a vibrant arts life in our city. I am confident that he will follow through on these priorities because here's what I know about Lioneld: He's an honest, trustworthy man who loves Fayetteville and has worked to make this city prosper. His door is open to all. He has served Fayetteville well on the city council and will be a mayor for all the people.