Friday, October 17, 2008

Letters supporting Lioneld in the Arkansas Traveler campus newspaper

Posted: 10/17/08

Jordan is committed to city, students

My state legislative district includes the university and much of Fayetteville Ward 4, so I have had many occasions to work with alderman Lioneld Jordan on issues of common concern to our constituents.

He always responds quickly to all questions and acts immediately to address any problem. Lioneld cares deeply about the interests of his constituents - including UA students - and has demonstrated a commitment to be a problem-solver, cutting through red tape and getting it done.

I appreciate Lioneld's effectiveness in lobbying the legislature for progressive legislation to benefit students, faculty, staff and all the residents of our city.

He advocated support for legislation to reduce the sales tax on groceries, establish need-based college scholarships, provide funding for workforce training, address workplace health and safety issues, regulate nonconsensual towing of private vehicles, and expand technology-based professional development opportunities. ??

Lioneld also supported legislation I sponsored to protect citizens' rights to participate in government and a bill to strengthen the Freedom of Information Act, reflecting his strong commitment to open government in Fayetteville.

When not working together as elected public servants, Lioneld and I also work for the university, where he has been on the staff for 26 years. We share a love of the university and are dedicated to its success.

Lioneld is a supervisor with Facilities Management and is responsible for those core academic facilities on our campus - Old Main, Mullins Library and others in the oldest part of our campus. He consistently brings projects in on time and under budget.

Please join me in voting for my friend Lioneld Jordan for mayor.

Rep. Lindsley Smith
Research assistant professor

Jordan is passionate about Fayetteville

As a friend and coworker of Lioneld Jordan for the past 26 years, I know Lioneld to be an honest and trustworthy man of passion, conviction and seemingly endless energy and enthusiasm for all of Fayetteville.

I'll definitely be voting for Lioneld Jordan for mayor on Nov. 4, and I hope you will, too!

Larry West
Facilities Management

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