Monday, October 20, 2008

It'll be great when Lioneld is mayor

It’ll be great when Lioneld is mayor

If you support trails and parks, economic and environmental sustainability, livable wages, affordable housing, open-door government and accountability, then Lioneld Jordan is your candidate for mayor. Lioneld has consistently voted to support our trails and parks. He is a team builder, open-minded and eager to learn from others. Giving credit where due, Lioneld draws together a variety of people who enjoy working cooperatively. Every month for the past eight years he has invited constituents from all over the city to Room 111 in City Hall for Ward 4 meetings. He informs us about city projects and listens to our feedback. As chair of the street committee he has the Street Department report monthly on their budget and project progress. These reports are given in front of TV cameras. Despite his full-time job at the University of Arkansas, Lioneld has never missed a City Council or Ward 4 meeting. He regularly puts in 30-plus hours a week as our alderman. It will be a great day when Lioneld Jordan is Fayetteville’s full-time mayor and able to devote his entire workweek to the city. His straightforward manner is refreshing and inspiring. His love of public service is contagious. You will see innovative economic ideas put into action as a wide variety of citizens get engaged in moving Fayetteville forward because of Mayor Jordan’s open-arm approach to city government. Lioneld brings out the best in people and he will bring out the best in our city. Vote for Fayetteville. Vote for Lioneld Jordan.
Louise Mann / Fayetteville